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Lorrie Butler: Ice cream lady to sleep

To the editor:

As school starts today. the ice cream lady will stop the daily routes. She will drive around town in the afternoons and be at Wyman Living History Museum on Sept. 13 for Sheep Wagon Days. The ice cream lady will then go to sleep until spring, starting routes and special events. I would like to thank everybody for their support. The honks, waves and thumbs up have made this very special. Thank you to my faithful supporters waiting for the wagon every week, LaShawna, Cammi, Corky, Joy, Lona, my little cheering squad, Ryan Vessley, my daughters, Lisa and Jamie, and Morgan, the beautiful blonde that drives the wagon. Thank you Victory Motors and Tony for letting me hide from the rain. The many business that let the wagon visit: Victory Motors, John Deere, Brass Key Realty, American Northwest, A & E, Axis, Highway Patrol and Bank of the West. A big thank you to Dave Pike, Penny, Becky and the city of Craig for answering my dumb question and helping anyway they could. Wow, this has been a very humbling experience. … What a great community! I truly believe we have the very best, polite kids and parents. What a great place. Thank you again everybody, Craig community.

The ice cream lady, Lorrie Butler