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Looking to expand seating outdoors, Sizzling Pickle debuts Pickle Palace

The Sizzling Pickle has a new tent on the outside of the restaurant to expand outdoor seating. (Max O’Neill / Craig Press)

In an attempt to get more people in the door, the Sizzling Pickle is temporarily expanding.

The local restaurant recently purchased a large, event-like tent, dubbing it “The Pickle Palace”. The tent will open before Valentine’s Day, and expand the restaurant’s capacity to 40 people.

“We’re going to try to expand so that we have outdoor seating even though it’s cold. We’re hoping to be able to seat an additional 20 people to the 20 people that we can seat now,” manager RaChell Novacek said.

The tent is covered on all four sides and will be heated and lit, allowing customers to comfortably eat in the outside tent.

The owner of the Sizzling Pickle, Anna Lighthizer was inspired to build the tent after seeing other creative ways that restaurants have built outdoor spaces around the state, especially in the Denver area.

“I’ve seen other places, not anywhere here, you know over in Denver, some people set up those ice fishing huts and stuff like that,” Lighthizer said. “I saw different things so it just made my brain kind of start working more and more.”

Lighthizer is very emphatic in her conviction that the Pickle Palace will merely be an extension of the restaurant and that they will continue to social distance, as the regulations require.

“It’s like COVID sucks, I’ll be the first to say it, but we gotta take the precautions, and something we’ve prided ourselves here, we’ve kept our tables distant,” Lighthizer said. “We’ve always had masks on, so even though it’s outdoors it’s still going to be held to the same standards as here because I want to be safe.”

The Pickle Palace will be a mainstay for the restaurant as the weather transitions from winter to spring. That is the case until they can get a covered patio for the side of the restaurant.

“But I think the sidewalls will come off of it and we’ll decorate it for summer…..Probably July or August, we’ll take the top off when it’s super sunny and nice and then cover it as the weather gets bad again, especially if we still have COVID going on,” Lighthizer said.

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