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Lois Stoffle: Thank you, anonymous helpers

To the editor:

While trying help my husband (who has Alzheimer’s disease) cross Sixth street at the light, from the south side to the north side to get to Grant Mortuary, he stumbled and almost pulled me down with him into the street as he fell.

While I struggled to get him up, a lady in a little red car quickly pulled to the curb and came running to help us. At the same time, a young man parked his vehicle in front of the Museum and came running across Yampa Avenue to help also.

They both assisted me in getting Ron on his feet and then they walked us across the street. The young man insisted on holding on to Ron, helping him walk to the cleared sidewalk near Grant.

These two wonderful people literally came out of nowhere and were there when we needed them. People in Craig are great!

Thank you so much to the two very special Angels who came to our aid today (Friday, Dec, 21)


Lois Stoffle


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