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Lois Stoffle: Reader questions MRH move

I have a question regarding the recent “closure” of the billing and coding departments at The Memorial Hospital here in Craig. I am a participant in the Life Line program, and the billing for the service has been done monthly by the billing department using my credit card. I trusted the young lady doing the billing, because she was local, and the department was most trustworthy.

My question is this: Who is going to be doing the billing for Life Line Clients now? I do not, repeat do not, want my credit card information going to Texas. I want to protect my privacy and my card and do not want it shared in Texas.

To whom do I make this request? I left a message for Andy Daniels, of Memorial Regional Health, last week and have not as yet had a reply. Is there some one who can answer this question for me?

Waiting to hear,

Lois Stoffle