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Lois Stoffle: Life Line is wonderful

To the editor:

I moved to Craig a short time ago from Maybell to be closer to my husband who is in Sandrock Ridge Care Center. I have a lovely home and wonderful neighbors here in Craig (as I did in Maybell). But I am getting older and a little more clumsy and that said, I took a tumble last week in the garage and had great difficulty getting up. No, I wasn’t seriously injured, but it sure scared me! What if I had been injured or knocked out? Who would have found me and when? So I called The Memorial Hospital and inquired about their “Life Line” program. One of the ambulance crew, Richard, explained everything to me and answered all of my questions regarding the program. When I told him that I would like to sign up, he asked if tomorrow would work for me. What service! Richard and a young lady EMT, Crystal, were at my home the very next morning and got me all set up with “Life Line.” I wear a comfortable bracelet (that is waterproof and therefore “showerable”) and can alert the hospital at any time that I am within 375 feet of my unit that is next to my phone. What a relief for me and my family to know that I am only moments away from getting help at home if I need it. Sure makes it easier for me living alone and having the security of my “Life Line” available. And the cost for this wonderful service is very reasonable through the hospital.

Thank you Memorial Hospital and ambulance department, for offering such a valuable service for our community.

Lois Stoffle