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Lois J. Stoffle: Thanks for the support

The Maybell Women’s Club would like to thank the members of the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign War and the Maybell Scout Troop for providing the Memorial Day services at the cemetery on Memorial Day. We so appreciate you taking your personal time to come to Maybell and help us in this endeavor.

So little is done anymore to honor our fallen heroes, but seeing the veterans from those organizations, in their crisply starched white shirts and sharply creased trousers — as they stood so tall, reciting the names and memories of their comrades — truly was inspirational.

The presentation of the flags by our scout troop in their uniforms was professional and endearing to those watching. These fine young people are the ones who will someday lead our country and will carry on the tradition of Memorial Day for all of us.

God bless them all, and may God bless all who participated in the services by attending.

Lois J. Stoffle

Maybell Women’s Club member


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