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Locals show their skills at Craig Concert Association Talent Concert

Craig Press Staff Report
Haley Boatman sings and strums to "Silver Lining" by Kacey Musgraves as part of the Craig Concert Association Talent Concert Saturday at Moffat County High School. The show featured 16 local acts.
Andy Bockelman

The annual talent concert hosted by Craig Concert Association took the stage Saturday night, featuring 16 local acts with a variety of musical skills on display, featuring all ages and ensemble sizes with vocal and instrumental pieces.

• Sari Cobb — Master of ceremonies

• Jeana Womble — One-woman vocal quartet, “I Won’t Say I’m in Love”

• Kali Walton, Sandra Kruczek — Violin duet, “O Come, Little Children” and “Allegro”

• Keyara Bohrer — Vocal solo, “Hallejuah”

• Bella Vocé Divas, Liz Kregar, Brenda Hershizer, Aaron Gillett, Jeana Womble — Vocal quartet, “For the Longest Time”

• Sandy Houghton — Guitar and vocals, “A Mother’s Love”

• Teryn Carter — Piano solo, “My Favorite Folksong”

• 12-String Trio, Crystal Green, Melissa Bade, Jim Simpson — Violin, viola ensemble, score from “Brave”

• Zac Prescott — Vocal solo, “Believer”

• John-E-Kewl sans the Clones with John Lawton — Vocals, “I Saw the Light” and “Give Me That Old Time Religion”

• Melissa Jensen, Owen Allen — Vocal duet, “Wolves”

• Melissa Bade, Crystal Green — Violin, piano duet, “Sarabande in G Minor”

• Haley Boatman — Guitar and vocals, “Silver Lining”

• Sambu Shrestha — Guitar and vocals, “The Climb”

• Brenna Boatman — Vocal solo, “Set It All Free”

• Owen Allen — Piano solo, “Sur la Glace à Sweet Briar”

• Rich Houghton — Piano and vocals, “Desperado”