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Local voters pass all five City Charter ballot questions in landslide

Council Chambers at City Hall.
City of Craig

They might not have been the most important five questions on ballots this election season, but the City Charter review changes could have some of the quickest impacts for the City of Craig.

Residents voted on five City Charter questions, ranging from Question 2B, which would change the amount of time a replacement would stay on the council, to Question 2F, which would give a new city attorney six months to establish residency within the city.

In total, all five City Charter ballot questions passed easily.

“When we went into this, we were asking, ‘Are the voters ready for some significant changes to the charter?’ That tells us that they are,” said City Councilman Ryan Hess, who helped write some of the charter questions for the ballot. “Some of the debates that happened were heated debates at charter review. Knowing that all five passed, we’re pretty excited to see what we can do next year.

“That charter hasn’t had a major overhaul in some years,” Hess added. “It’s touchy, you’re changing the blueprint – the constitution – of your city. We made some things more modern within the city charter.”

Ballot Question 2B, which addressed vacancies on City Council, passed by a vote of 2,941 votes for, and 815 votes against.

This allows the city to stagger seats, considering they will have to fill three vacancies in two years when Tony Bohrer wins his District 1 seat for the Moffat County commissioners. There’s a good chance in the next election that the city would have to fill seven seats in the next municipal election.

The 2B question change also allows the Mayor to be the tie-breaking vote between candidates to fill a vacant seat if there’s no consensus.

“This was a question we asked from a true policy point of view,” said Hess. “It makes sense now. The vacany law that I was appointed under created the issue we’re going to have next year with four seats on the ballot and the mayor election.

“That’s not necessarily how you want to have it, you want things to change slowly,” Hess added.

Ballot Question 2C, addressing whether to allow the City Manager to live up to 10 miles outside the City of Craig’s limits, passed by a vote of 3,065 votes for, to 757 votes against.

Ballot Question 2D, which gives Craig’s Municipal judge six months to establish residency in the city once he or she is hired, passed by a vote of 3,035 for to 748 against.

Ballot Question 2E, which allows the mayor to give a State of the City sometime during the year rather than in the first quarter, passed by a vote of 2,896 for to 834 against.

Finally, Ballot Question 2F, which establishes a residency requirement for the city attorney within six months, passed by a vote of 3,195 votes for to 607 votes against.

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