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Local triathlon to test competitors

Bruce Tippets

For those who like to swim, bike and run, the ninth annual For the Health of It Triathlon is the place to be.

According to Ed Stehlin, event coordinator, more than 40 participants are signed up to compete in the triathlon which starts at 8 a.m. Saturday at the Craig City Pool complex.

“It’s the ninth year that we have been doing the triathlon. We started it in 1990,” said Ed Stehlin. “We will have somewhere around 45 participates and that includes youth and adults.”

Stehlin said competitors will be divided by their age groups.

“It’s broken down into age categories and our youth division is 12-and-under,” said Stehlin. “You can do it individually or your can be on teams.”

Adults in the triathlon will swim 1/3 mile (550 meters), bike15-kilometers (9.6 miles) and run 5 kilometers (3.2 miles). Youth will swim 250 meters, bike 6 miles and run 1 1/2 miles.

“Everything starts and ends at the City Pool,” said Stehlin. “The youth do about half what the adults do. We give out ribbons for the first three places in each category. If we have our normal 40 to 45 participates we will be finished by 11 a.m.”

Stehlin believes the majority of the competitors will be adults.

“Usually, we get about six to 10 youths every year,” said Stehlin. “The majority of them our adults. It’s just a fun thing. It’s family oriented. We get a lot of families that are involved with it.”

Most of the competitors are locals, but the triathlon does attract some participants from surrounding towns.

“The majority of the participants are from Craig,” said Stehlin. “In fact, we will have some participants from Meeker and Steamboat Springs. The past three years we have had regular participants from those two places.

“In years past we have had some people from Vail, Colo., show up.”

It’s not too late to enter the triathlon.

“The people can still sign up for the competition,” said Stehlin. “There is a late fee for signing up Saturday morning. We will take registration up to the triathlon start.”

For more information about the For the Health of It Triathlon, call 824-6932.


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