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Local metal core group, Beyond the Wreckage, headlining at Craig Pavilion

Darian Warden
Beyond the Wreckage band members from left, Kyle Boss, Sean Schneegas, Chase Stuart, Shane Burdette and Taylor Fredrickson all grew up and went to school together in Craig. The band will be headlining a show February 22 at the Craig Pavilion.
Courtesy of Beyond the Wreckage

If you go

What: Beyond the Wreckage in concert. Also featuring Decretum, Alcaeus, Biological Meltdown and ICO

When: Feb. 22, doors open at 5 p.m.

Where: Craig Pavilion

Who: All ages are welcome

Cost: $5

For more information, visit the band's facebook page at facebook.com/beyondthewreckage

Returning from a winter hiatus, Craig’s metal core group, Beyond the Wreckage, is back headlining a Feb. 22 show at the Craig Pavilion.

Self-described as a new-age take on classic metal, band members said their music involves break downs, meaning a tempo change or slow down in the song.

“Better known as the part where everyone can get down and dance or mosh,” member Kyle Boss explained.

The band said they look to artists such as Breakdown Insanity, August Burns Red, A Day to Remember and Avenged Sevenfold for inspiration.

The band formed in 2009 and has played together off and on for the past few years.

Drummer Sean Schneegas said all the members grew up and went to school together in Craig.

“There’s very little to do in this town, so we thought we’d make music instead,” Schneegas said. “We had nothing to do so we started playing.”

The band originally consisted of Schneegas and Chase Stuart, the band’s guitarist.

Boss was the next member to join.

“I’d been playing music all my life. I got pulled into the band when I was playing music with a very old band and these guys hopped my fence,” Boss said and pointed to Schneegas and Stuart.

The two said they were walking down the street when they heard another band jamming and couldn’t resist the urge to see who else in Craig had a band.

“So they stole me from that band, and we threw them to the curb,” Boss said with a laugh. “But really, you guys ruined that band.”

“We created a better one,” bassist Taylor Fredrickson said.

The group has come a long way from where they were in 2009, playing about 50 shows in places such as Denver, Pueblo, Steamboat Springs and Craig.

“Craig is one of the best places to play; we have a really big fan base,” Schneegas said. “It’s not hard to find an audience in Craig. Everyone knows everyone in this town.”

Boss said the band had about 300 people attend their last show in town.

But Fredrickson said he expects this upcoming show to be bigger than the previous one.

“It’s going to be big,” Stuart said. “We haven’t set up a show here for ourselves in a really long time, but whenever we do we pull in a really big crowd.”

Boss added that the band is working on getting their name out there, bringing in more revenue than last year and growing a bigger fan base.

Dustin Camp is helping the group accomplish those goals by selling merchandise and by being the group’s audio engineer.

Even if metal core isn’t your thing, the band encourages everyone to go to the show and give them a try.

“We’re the greatest band ever,” Fredrickson said.

“He’s the cocky one,” Stuart chimed in.

But on a serious note, Boss said he’s had several people tell him how much they love the band and they say don’t even like metal.

“It’s the way we present our band,” Schneegas said. “We try to be a positive influence on people. We’re just here to have a good time.”

And the group agrees they all do it for the pure joy of it. Schneegas said he couldn’t pinpoint one favorite thing about making music.

“It’s everything about it. You get a group of friends, we hang out on a daily basis and just do what we love doing,” Schneegas said. “We’re bringing what we love doing to other people so they can enjoy what we’re making.”

Boss said music is a form of expression for him.

“I’m not very good at talking, but I can talk through my instrument pretty well,” Boss said. “When you’re on stage, it’s a feeling you’ve never felt before. It’s just so amazing and empowering. It really is.”

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