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Local gyms following guidelines, thankful to be open again

Dan England / Craig Press
Lins FITT, located at 551 Russell Street, is one of a handful of local gyms that has reopened thanks to the variance request from the Moffat County Board of Public Health.
David Pressgrove / Craig Press

Travis Linsacum not only had a dad, he had a wrestling and football coach who would drag him and his twin brother out of bed on the weekend for workouts. 

As you can imagine, that’s not something teenagers relish for breakfast. 

“I remember at a young age thinking it was cruel and unusual punishment,” Linsacum said and laughed. “But later it all made sense. Nah, he just cared.”

That’s why Linsacum spends his spare time between working shifts in the coal mine as the owner of Lins FITT in Craig. He wants to help others get fit. The business isn’t even all that profitable, he said. It’s more of a passion project. 

“It’s ingrained in me,” Linsacum said. “It’s really gratifying to help people, whether that’s in losing a few pounds or achieving a milestone. I’ve seen people grow and blossom. It’s really a tight-knit family here.”

He was, therefore, willing to do whatever it took to get his gym back open after the coronavirus shut it down. He had to expand his classes from two to seven to keep his members to under 10 people, forcing him to stay open an extra five hours. His gym follows a similar format to CrossFit, though it’s not under the franchise tag. All that really means is his members follow a programmed class taught by coaches, himself included, rather than host individual workouts. 

“We were having classes of more than 20, and now it’s 10,” Linsacum said. “If anything, that allows people to get a little bit more attention. It’s more work for my leadership, myself included, but the gym is something we are passionate about. We enjoy the hell out of it.”

The community building appears to be working, as all of his clients continued to pay their memberships to keep his operation going. 

“Everyone was super supportive during the closure,” Linsacum said.

Robbie Roberts found inspiration to buy WHC CrossFit a year ago after his daughter, Ashley Vasquez, and her husband, Sam, changed their lives after getting involved in the structured gyms. They now also own the gym. Roberts now is happy to be open but is frustrated by the limitations placed on his gym: He can’t hold classes because of the group limit, so he had to turn his place into an open gym for now. He basically just gives his clients the Workout of the Day and they do it. 

“Normally it’s a structured class, and everyone is doing the same set, and you have a coach that watches everything,” Roberts said, “and I don’t know why the state thought that would be better. But I guess that’s what our governor wanted.”

The extra disinfecting didn’t bother Roberts: He was already doing the extra scrubbing because his wife (and co-owner), Angie, is a preschool teacher and knows how to disinfect.

 Ashleigh Seely’s clients have helped keep her gym open as well. They had to sign an agreement stating that they would spray down equipment after each set at Trapper Fitness.

“They seem to be very responsible to adhering to the plans,” she said. “They’ve disinfected and that sort of thing. They are just really grateful that we are open. It was a breath of fresh air for everyone.”

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