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Local girl recovering after auto accident

Lee Harstad

The doctors say she’s on the road to recovery.

According to Tatum Hart’s mom, Phyllis Hart, Tatum’s condition is greatly improving and she has been taken off the drug Pentibarbital, which had kept her in a drug-induced coma. She was in the coma to allow her body to stabilize and to steady pressure on her brain.

Tatum, 19, received upper body injuries after her Ford Probe rolled across Interstate 25 near Pueblo on Sept. 14.

Now that she is off the drug and out of the coma, Tatum’s cranial pressure has been stabilized. Although still in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at St. Mary’s Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo, Colo., Tatum may be taken off the ventilator on Thursday, allowing her to leave the ICU.

According to Phyllis, after waking from the coma, Tatum has been able to do something new and positive every two hours. She is able to make eye contact, make a grip with her hand and she can smile.

“The doctors have a positive outlook for Tatum,” Phyllis said. “She is stable and doing really well.”

Phyllis predicts within two weeks Tatum will be moved to Craig Rehabilitation Center in Denver.

The Hart family thanked everyone who has offered support.

“Without the support of everyone’s thoughts and prayers, she would not be where she is today,” Phyllis said.

Letters can be sent to the Hart family via e-mail at 44rjd@amigo.net or kendrahammond@hotmail.com or by regular mail to: St. Mary’s Corwin Medical Center, c/o Tatum Hart, 1008 Minnequa, Pueblo, CO 81008.


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