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Local family intertwined with MCHS sports scene

Joshua Gordon
The Camilletti family, from left, Melissa, Dylon, Lisa, Sandy and Makayla, at their home away from home, the Moffat County High School gymnasium. Melissa, Lisa and Makayla, all members of the girls varsity basketball team, said they enjoy playing on the same team with family and also competing against each other for playing time.
Brian Smith

When it comes to Moffat County High School sports, one can’t find many team rosters without seeing the Camilletti name.

Baseball, boys basketball, volleyball, girls basketball, even golf … they each include a Camilletti on the roster, and in one case, a family member on the sidelines.

Senior Dylon Camilletti was an integral part of the boys varsity basketball team, and is now turning his focus to the MCHS baseball team in the spring.

Junior Melissa Camilletti and sophomores Lisa and Makayla Camilletti are part of the girls varsity basketball and volleyball teams.

Makayla is also on the girls golf team in the spring.

“It is fun to play with your family,” Melissa said. “When we go overnight for sports or even on the bus, we support each other and it is a bunch of fun.”

Melissa and Lisa are sisters, and Dylon and Makayla are siblings as well.

Dylon and Makayla’s father, Shane, is the half-brother to Melissa and Lisa, making them aunts to Dylon and Makayla.

Still, the four are all within two years of each other.

“It is nice to have a connection with (Melissa and Lisa),” Makayla said. “If one of us messes up, it is easier to tell each other rather than someone else. We can take it better I guess.”

Being the same age, the three girls grew up playing sports together.

“Makayla’s dad coached us in basketball when we were all in elementary school together,” Lisa said. “We all just kind of grew up playing together since we were kids.”

And still, there’s another Camilletti prominently involved in the MCHS sports scene.

In the fall, Sandy Camilletti, stepmother to Dylon and Makayla, finished her first season as head coach of the girls varsity volleyball team.

Melissa said it was a different experience having a family member as a coach.

“At first it was kind of weird and we kind of went in thinking we wouldn’t listen to (Sandy),” she said. “Toward the end of the season, we had more of a coach-like respect for her.”

Makayla said she heard all the usual concerns about having a parent as a coach.

“It was hard sometimes because other parents had problems with me being on varsity,” she said. “Being a sophomore on the varsity team, people would say it was only because I was the coach’s daughter.”

Makayla said she let her play state her case.

“I tried not to make too many mistakes,” she said. “I wanted to prove I deserved my spot on the varsity team.”

As coach, Sandy said she dealt with the questions about her family playing on the team by not letting it bother her.

“You deal with the situation by not dealing with it,” she said. “People are always going to think there is something going on and have concerns, but I can’t worry about it.

“I know the girls come to work and they deserve what they get.”

Sandy also coached Melissa, Makayla and Lisa when they were younger in AAU basketball.

“They have been my girls for awhile,” she said. “They are competitive, and sometimes they get more of my frustration than others, but it is because I know they can handle it.”

In 1989, Sandy took to the court as well for the MCHS volleyball and basketball teams.

Although she didn’t bring with her the Camilletti name at the time, she said her love of sports came off the same as the current MCHS Camilletti crew.

“I really loved playing sports and it was fun growing up here,” she said. “Coaching the volleyball team wasn’t my first choice, but when I saw they were struggling coming up with a coach, I stepped up and I am loving it now.”

Dylon said he’s proud of his family’s contribution to the school’s athletic teams.

“It feels accomplishing to have everyone do well at what they do,” he said. “I think it is definitely a good thing to have our family in varsity sports.”

While Dylon was consistently a top scoring threat for the Bulldogs basketball team, he said baseball is his favorite sport.

“I’ve been doing baseball longer than basketball and I play it year-round with Triple Crown and high school,” he said. “(Baseball) has always been my main sport and I feel more accomplished in baseball.”

Dylon has most of the eyes of his family on him when he plays.

“We support (Dylon) because he can drain 3-pointers all the time,” Melissa said. “It’s fun because we can cheer him on.”

One advantage for Dylon? He doesn’t have to worry about competing with his family on the same team.

Because Lisa and Makayla are younger, Melissa said she always works harder.

“If they ever did better than me, it would look worse because they are younger,” she said. “I try to push myself, and if Lisa has a better game than me, I know I have to work harder because I don’t want her taking my spot.”

Makayla and Lisa said they admire Melissa, but they still want to compete.

“We look up to (Melissa), but we do try and work hard to see if we can compete with her,” Makayla said.

“We want to beat her out,” Lisa said.

Still, Melissa said she wants her family to succeed.

“We still encourage each other and I want them to beat out other people,” she said. “I really want them to excel in the sports they do.”

Outside of the gymnasium, the competition doesn’t stop for the Camillettis.

“We have a sports family, and when we get together at Melissa and Lisa’s house, we still compete,” Sandy said. “The boys really like to play Ping Pong and a lot of times we will play basketball or cards.

“Everything eventually turns into a competition.”

On the court or off, Sandy said she has nothing but a sense of pride for her family.

“All the kids conduct themselves so well all the time,” she said. “I am proud to be associated with them because they are a ton of fun.”

Because all four athletes started organized sports when they were around 5, it has become a staple of their family, Lisa said.

“Sports is something we can bond over,” she said.

“We have been playing sports a really long time and it is something we all really like,” Makayla said.

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