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Local deputy flexes

Bruce Tippets

— Don’t call Larry Mullen “grandpa.”

He might bench press you until you say “uncle.”

The 49-year-old Mullen, a Moffat County Sheriff’s Department deputy, won a gold medal in the annual Colorado Police and Fire Games two weeks ago and Sunday he won a bronze medal in the Toughest Competitor Alive Competition in Denver, Colo.

Mullen, a grandfather, brought home the gold medal in the 40-and-over bench press competition at the Police and Fire Games.

“Each competitor gets three chances to lift in the bench press competition,” said Mullen. “The competitors are divided by weight and I am between 180 and 200 pounds.”

Mullen said he played it safe his first two lifts.

“When you do that kind of competition you want to make sure that you make your first lift and I did 280 pounds,” said Mullen. “My second lift was 300 pounds. I put 315 pounds on for my third lift and I just came up a bit short.”

Mullen was shocked his bench press of 300 pounds won the event.

“There were 18 people that were in my event,” he said. “I wasn’t surprised that I was able to bench 300 pounds. I was surprised that I won. I figured there would be somebody that would beat me.”

In the Toughest Competitor Alive Competition, Mullen competed in the 40-and-over division and ran 3 miles, completed an obstacle course, heaved a shot put, dashed 110-meters, climbed a rope and bench pressed 300 pounds.

“I really felt good about the way I did,” said Mullen. “It was a pretty tough competition. There were five other guys in my division and all of them were tough guys. I was the oldest by far in my division.”

According to Mullen, he was facing some of the best competitors in the world.

“The world champion was in my division. He has won nine years straight and he is from Colorado,” said Mullen. “I have been chasing him for the last two years. He is seven years younger than I am. Forty-nine years old just has a hard time catching a 42-year-old.”

Mullen believes he was successful in the competitions.

“I was really happy because I got my 300-pound bench again,” said Mullen. “I ran my 110-meter dash in just over 14 seconds. We threw a 12-pound shot put and my distance was 29 feet. I didn’t get my time in the 3-mile run, but I am not a runner. I got my 20-foot rope climb in 6.8 seconds.”

The effort, Mullen said, was worth it and he will try both events next year.

“All those long years of work paid off. It was a lot of fun,” said Mullen. “The Moffat County Sheriff’s Department has been real supportive of me. They were excited for me.”

I will try again next year.”


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