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Local business owners looking forward to possible 5-Star State Certification Program coming to Moffat County

Moffat County finds itself meeting the program’s required metrics, opening up possibility to apply for the special program

The front of the Sunflower Thrift Shop in Moffat County . (Max O’Neill / Craig Press)

As the 5-Star Program State Certification Program gains steam in Colorado in order to help businesses, some local business owners are high on the idea in Moffat County.

The 5-Star Program allows businesses to operate at a level above where the county is on the COVID-19 dial. The plan comes with some stipulations for businesses. Those stipulations are that employees and customers are required to wear masks, and maintain a distance of six feet, keep tables ten feet apart from each other. The businesses are also required to habitually clean and sanitize surfaces that are “high touch”, record customers’ names for contact tracing and check employee’s systems and tracking exposure.

The new plan would help Stylz 5th Avenue increase capacity and get more customers through the door. Part of the plans would be for businesses to open up to 50% capacity, up from the 25% they are at right now in the Safer at Home: Level Orange dial.

“I mean we can’t take walk-ins right now, so basically I could take more appointments than I can now,” said Shey Ellis, the owner and operator of Stylz.

The ability to jump up capacity would be business-saving for the Cool Water Grille, making it something they are hoping comes to fruition.

“I think it would mean the difference between barely making it, and being able to make it,” Erin Durham, the manager of Cool Water Grille, said.

While the county has to be approved before businesses apply for the 5 star program, Kellie Richmond, the owner of Sunflower Budget and Thrift Store, said she’s definitely going to apply for the program.

Most businesses are very optimistic about the ability to track customers for contact tracing as part of the 5-star plan.

“For our business, it would be easy for those that use credit cards because we have that information,” Richmond said. “For customers that pay cash, in order to be successful, we would probably have to have some kind of sign in sheet for all customers if they were willing to do so, when they entered the store.”

The Sizzling Pickle’s new POS system helps track customers, which gives the restaurant a leg up in terms of contact tracing.

“It’s kind of something, the company we use is new, new to us, and so it’s part of their whole thing it helps you with the tracing factor. So I feel pretty confident that we could be able to do that here, I really do,” Anna Lighthizer, the owner of the Sizzling Pickle said.

Moffat County Businesses are looking for any sign of hope that will try to get them bringing more customers in the door. That includes the 5-Star plan, which Ellis is hopeful will help them.

“Anything is a good idea to get us more open,” Ellis said.

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