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Local business feeling the boom

Collin Smith

— Anyone driving around town might have noticed several dug up lots surrounded by orange construction fences.

One of those, on Craig’s east side, is a lot just west of Abbey Carpet, 408 E. Victory Way.

After two years replete with setbacks, the carpet distributor and installer started work on an expansion two weeks ago.

“We don’t have enough room to move around,” said Terri Robertson, interior designer. “The business is growing and we need to expand.”

When Abbey Carpet received the builder’s original plans, some design elements required by building codes were missing, so owners sent the plans back, Robertson said. City officials did not hamper the development, she added.

The 5,000-square-feet expansion is planned to be a separate building that will house the showroom and a small storage space. The current 500-square-feet building will be a warehouse and workspace.

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Owners are mainly building for space, as the new showroom will not have any special amenities, Robertson said.

“It’s a pretty basic building,” she said. “There’s not a lot of frills or anything like that.”

Contractors still are digging for the foundation and hope to pour concrete Wednesday.

Abbey Carpet is not worried about starting so soon before winter, Robertson said. If the weather gets bad, contractors plan to set up a tent and heat the inside for the workers.

Abbey Carpet expects a quick construction process.

The business plans to be in the expansion and ready for the new year by Jan. 1 2008, Robertson said.