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Loaf ‘N Jug fuel points program is changing, not ending

Loaf N'Jug in Craig was recently sold by Kroger Co to EG Group. The sale will mean changes in how fuel points are earned.
Sasha Nelson/staff

Loaf ‘N Jug’s fuel points customer loyalty program isn’t going away after all, but it is changing with the addition of a second loyalty program.

Customers recently started hearing that they would lose their fuel points.

When Craig Press called to speak with local store managers on Thursday, management said the program was set to end at 10 p.m. Tuesday, April 16.

“It appears incorrect information has been shared with the Craig newspaper,” stated a Friday morning email to Craig store staff written by Cindy Rantanen, vice president of brand Partnerships and public relations for Loaf N’Jug.

The Craig store was sold in 2018 by Kroger to U.K. based EG Group, also known as Euro Garages, operating in the United States as EG American.

“Kroger (King Soopers and City Market) fuel redemption will continue with savings up to $1 off a gallon of fuel (up to 35 gallons per fill) and $1.05 with the 123 Rewards Visa card from Kroger,” Rantanen explained. 

She noted that EG America and Kroger have entered into a long-term agreement to “take care of the customers to make it convenient for them to redeem their fuel rewards.”

Changes are coming.

“We are currently upgrading the loyalty platform to be able to enhance the rewards card offer while maintaining the Kroger fuel redemption program for the customer,” Rantanen said.

The program is set to transition at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, April 16.

“There will be a limited disruption, overnight when the conversion takes place, but all points and rewards earned for redemption will be available following,” Rantanen said.

On Thursday, night two of their stores made the transition as part of a pilot.

“I expect there will be no issues,” Rantanen said.

The upgrades will allow EG America to roll out their own in-store and at-the-pump customer loyalty program — the EG Rewards Card — offering a beverage club program and in-store discounts.

Later this year, about May or June, said Rantanen, the program will also offer fuel discounts.

“Both Kroger and EG America Rewards cards will give our customers a great value on fuel!” She said.

Rantanen told store employees in her email: “We are definitely in a state of transition but it will smooth out soon!”