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Lloyd Rollins: Don’t divide the county

To the editor:

Hello, my name is Lloyd Rollins, and except for three years, I’ve been a lifelong resident of Moffat County.

Is it wise for time and energy to spent on the effort to secede from the state of Colorado? To recite a limited quote given in the Craig Daily Press, I wish to include my entire statement given at the county commissioners meeting held Saturday.

This should give people who were not there a clear and precise understanding of my current thoughts on secession. 

We all agree that Senate Bill 252 will have a negative impact on the foundation (power plants and coal mines) of our economy in the Yampa Valley. I believe it is wasting both time and energy in pushing for secession.

It is my understanding that secession would require the approval of the Colorado state Legislature and the U.S. Congress.

The chances of this happening are extremely small. The same time and energy should be spent learning to be more moderate and reaching out to the other side. Reaching out is a continual ongoing process. Secession is a divider and does not bring the people together. I have ask Commissioner John Kinkaid to provide me with figures of how much Moffat County residents, etc. pay into the state vs. how much we get back.

Commissioner Kinkaid has assured me that he working on those numbers and will provide them to me. Could the efforts to secede have negative effects in obtaining money to help with the projects needed in Shadow Mountain?

At the commissioner meeting, commissioner Mathers stated that he was offended by those who brought up the issue of possibly having the money needed for Shadow Mountain project negatively impacted.

Commissioner Mathers went on to say that it is not about money, it is about principles. If secession is not about the financial (money) impacts of Senate Bill 252, what is it about? Commissioner Mathers’ comments made me feel like he was trying to berate those in the room that have a different opinion or view than he does a particular issue.

This type of treatment of others who are different on an issue is limiting the success rate of working with those across the aisle. I also believe it is detrimental to all citizens of this county.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that the county commissioner and others must learn how to me more effective at reaching across the aisle and being more moderate in working for legislation that affects the great Moffat County. Time and energy spent on secession is a divider and does not bring people together.

Lloyd Rollins


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