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Lloyd Rollins: Concerns regarding Measure 1A

I support keeping the libraries and the museum. Is there a better way than what is being proposed with Issue 1A? I believe there is.

Traditionally, the Republican Party has emphasized taxes be kept as low as possible. This has always made common sense and seems to be a reasonable thing to do.

Concerning Measure 1A on the ballot for Moffat County voters, a voter should vote “no” if they are to keep traditional Republican values to keep taxes as low as reasonably possible.

Measure 1A increases the level of spending on the library and museum by approximately 50 percent above current levels. Is this being be prudent?

The city of Craig, since Ballot Measure 1A was approved by the Moffat County Board of County Commissioners, is thinking of creating a new economic development department. According to an article dated Oct. 9 in the Craig Press, the mayor of Craig said there is approximately $300,000 dollars available for this new department. If there is $300K for a new department, could and should that money be used every year to help pay the cost of the library located in Craig? I believe it should.

If you, the voters, approve Measure 1A without first having the city of Craig contribute to the yearly budget of the library located in Craig, I believe you will never get the city of Craig to contribute to the cost of the library. The vast majority of patrons who use the Craig library are from Craig.

I believe one must acknowledge the heavy-handedness the Moffat County commissioners used to try and force the voters of Moffat County to vote for Measure 1A. Voters, send the commissioners a strong message that this not the appropriate way to run the county government.

After taxpayers defeat the high increase in taxes proposed by Measure 1A, the county commissioners should work with the city council to have the city of Craig contribute $300K per year to the library budget. Then, next year, have an issue put before the voters and taxpayers of Moffat County to fund the reasonable amount needed to keep our libraries and museum. Instead of 1.2 million, it should require less than $600K annual tax to the taxpayers.

I believe the county commissioners can keep the libraries and musuem open for another year while we get this done a better way than presently being presented.

Vote for traditional Republican values. Vote to keep your local city government the size it is now and not for a larger city government. Vote to keep the libraries and museum in the most cost-effective way. Vote “no” this time on Measure 1A.

Lloyd Rollins


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