Little ‘kids’, big hearts compete in Moffat County Fair goat show |

Little ‘kids’, big hearts compete in Moffat County Fair goat show

Tristen Counts, left, and Jaedyn Dilldine and their goats get to know each other prior to the pee wee goat showmanship competition.
Sasha Nelson |

The big livestock barn at the fair grounds was overrun with ‘kids’ on Thursday morning during the goat show.

Some of the tiniest goats in the competition belong to Koy Dilldine, his sister, Jaedyn, and their family.

The Dilldines are raising a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.

“They are the perfect size,” said 8-year-old Jaedyn.

This is the first year that Jaedyn and Koy, 11, have participated in the goat show.

They were very excited to earn ribbons for the four small goats they have raised in the past six months.

“I think they did well considering we haven’t had time to practice much,” said their mother Coty Dilldine.

The Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat is a miniature bred of West African origin that was brought over on ships to be used as meat for the large wild cats in American zoos, according to the Nigerian Dairy Goat Association.

The Dilldines plan to use their four goats — a buck and three does — to produce milk and raise more goats.

“This type of goat is good for milk and breeding, and my mom wanted me to raise them,” Koy said when asked why the family chose this type of goat.

All of the Dilldine kids — goat and human — are about the same size. The goats however are expected to stop growing when they reach about 23 inches in height, and they should weigh less than 75 pounds when full grown.

Koy was proud of his goat, Daisymae, because each time they went into the show ring they came out with a ribbon.

Rascal, the buck or male goat in the flock, is another favorite.

“I like to take him on trips. They are so kind. They sit right near you no matter what,” Koy said.

The kindness on display by the kids and their kids is evidence that biggest hearts are sometimes found in the tiniest bodies.

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