Lisa Lawton: A special season |

Lisa Lawton: A special season

Lisa Lawton

To the Editor:

With all the negativity that has been surrounding our local baseball news, I would like to spread some warmth on the city of Craig girls’ softball season. There are a few individuals who really went above and beyond this summer to help the girls out and need a pat on the back.

My 9-year-old daughter played for Craig Steel. Her coach was Ashley and originally she was not coaching. She was recruited because there were not enough coaches for all the teams. She brought with her a very special daughter of her own, Anna Catherine. You see Anna is a special needs child, yet Ashley took the time to coach the team the whole season.

Anna was one of our counted players at most of our games. She tried her best, but it was hard for her. Ashley was not about winning the season, but for the girls to learn some new skills and how to have relationships with someone that is different than them.

I believe all the girls and their parents learned a lot from this one little girl and her mom.

In the last game of the regular season, a very special person was umpiring our game.

She is Pam Maneotis.

When Anna got up to bat and had two strikes and was about to strike out like every other game, Pam put her arms around Anna and helped her swing.

Anna hit the ball past second base. The smile on her face was brilliant. There was not a dry eye on our team of moms. She made it to first and got to run the bases as a player for the first time that season.

The girls on both teams were cheering for Anna as she made it home and scored her first run. Pam helped her on every at bat the rest of the game. The next day the tournament started for the championship.

The first team we played became very upset when Pam again tried to help this special girl. They argued that it was not fair to get extra help. Anna then walked most of the times up. She was given a high-five every time she came home by Pam.

We won the game and the championship.

Anna won all our hearts and Pam earned all our respect. Even though we did not start the season out to win, we did win in all ways.

All of our girls gained many things this season due to Ashley and Pam. It will be a softball season they never forget. Thank you Pam for your compassion to such a special girl.

And a big thank you to Ashley and Anna Catherine for letting us be a part of your team. We are all better people for having the experiences with these three special people.

Lisa Lawton


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