Liquor stores get high marks |

Liquor stores get high marks

Nine of 10 Craig businesses tested refuse to sell alcohol to minors

Ryan Sheridan

The Craig Police Department went on a liquor-buying binge Tuesday, hitting every store in the city that sells beer, liquor and wine, but the purpose wasn’t self-serving.

The CPD conducted compliance checks on eleven package liquor outlets to insure stores are following state law and liquor regulations by checking purchasers’ identification.

After the compliance sweep, the CPD commended store owners and managers for their efforts. Only one employee was cited for selling to a minor in this compliance sweep. The other 10 outlets all requested identification.

This is a dramatic improvement over past years, and especially over 1999, when eight of 12 liquor outlets were cited for selling alcohol to minors. The high compliance rate demonstrates the commitment of the business owners to keep alcohol out of the hands of minors, thereby reducing alcohol-related accidents and injuries to the community’s youth, stated a press release from the police department.

It is not known where the employee worked who was cited for the sale. Police Department officials were unavailable for comment.