Linda Taylor: Please God, I just want to see |

Linda Taylor: Please God, I just want to see

Pastor Linda Taylor, Maybell Community Bible Church

As I have prayed many times asking God to heal my eyes. I’ve begged, I’ve pleaded, I’ve cried and none of it seems to work.

Every time I have a bad day trying to see I say to God, ‘OK, let’s have a talk,’ yet he seems to be silent on this matter.

I really didn’t realize how much I would miss seeing the simple things such as the features of someone face, or knowing something is in front of me as my eyes struggle to see what it is.

Is this fair? Heck no.

Do I like what’s happen to my eye site? No.

In fact at times I become angry about it. As I try to write my article I struggle to see what I have typed, so look out I may be thinking one thing but I may be typing something different.

I tell them at church just because they are becoming fuzzy, it just means they are going to have to shout amen a little louder so I know they are they there.

It was during one of my many talks with God about my eyes that he asked me what would be worse being blind in the world, or being blind to him.

Boy that got my attention, and let me tell you it put a scare in me. Just the thought of not knowing God, not having him in my life, that was even more unbearable than becoming blind.

You see without God I have nothing, with him I can continue to do what I love: being a pastor and helping those in need.

Oh yes I’ve got to make adjustments, but I know with God’s help , my family and friends it will be alright.

Am I looking for God to heal my eyes? Yes.

What if he doesn’t? That’s all right.

As long as he is with me I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Oh by the way I have learned that I can see many things with my heart a lot better than with my eyes.

Why do I say that? Because Love comes from the heart, not the eyes.

So as long as I have Love for everyone I have lost nothing.

God Bless You All.

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