Lila Herod: Be like ‘Bill’ |

Lila Herod: Be like ‘Bill’

Lila Herod/For the Saturday Morning Press
Lila Herod, Moffat County clerk and recorder
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I may not have a Facebook page of my own, but I frequently use my husband’s account to stalk our family and friends. This habit has become a source of constant contention in our marriage. He is always telling me to get my own Facebook page and to quit commenting on the posts of his friends because he claims I make him “sound like a girl.” His protests only cause me to laugh in response. After 35 years of marriage, I have embraced the idea that “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine too!”

Anyway, I had to laugh over the new stick figure meme that has been circulating on Facebook recently. Facebook users are advised to be “Be like Bill” and create a personal meme urging others to be like you. Just for fun I decided to try it. I was somewhat surprised when I entered my name and gender and out spit a character meme describing me in this manner: “This is Lila. Lila hates everyone. Don’t be like Lila.” I admit that I have been feeling particularly grouchy, but I really had hoped for something that sounded more like Bill…. “This is Bill. Bill votes. Bill is smart and responsible. Be like Bill!”

Honestly, we all need to be more like Bill. We need to get involved and be smart and responsible voters!

So let’s get out of the house on March 1 and attend our party’s caucus! One might think that a party caucus sounds intimidating, but it is simply a gathering of your neighborhood friends. It is here that one can discuss the candidates and vote on a delegation to represent your precinct at the County Convention. At the convention, candidates are nominated and designated to the primary ballot. The Primary Election will be held on June 28.

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Anyone may attend the caucus, but active participation requires that you must be registered as either a Democrat or Republican and you must be a resident of your precinct no later than Feb. 1. If you are unsure of your party or precinct, contact the County Election Office at 970-824-9120 or check your voter status at

Call your Party Chair for your Caucus location:

Democrats: JoAnn Baxter, 970-824-3049

Republicans: Brandi Meek, 970-629-9762

Good politics is all about transparency, inclusion and communication. My staff and I welcome your suggestions and questions. This monthly column is intended to provide you with all the necessary information about the Moffat County Clerk’s Office and, more specifically, the 2016 Elections. Cheers!

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