Liane Davis-Kling: Thank you school board |

Liane Davis-Kling: Thank you school board

To the editor:

Dear members of the Moffat County School Board:
I want to express my thanks for the gifts you presented me when I retired at the end of this school year. My house keys are happily attached to the key chain, the retirement bonus is contributing to my son’s college fund, and The Kitchen Shop is helping me add to my kitchen tools. I’ve enjoyed my tenure with Moffat County School District, RE-1. In that regard, I would like to share some observations.
Thirty-three years is a drop in the bucket when it comes to history. However, in the case of the school district, it’s been interesting to watch the drop fall into the bucket. We’ve moved from ditto machines to copy machines. From chalkboards to SMART Boards. From open to closed to partial open campus during lunch at MCHS. I’ve participated in several different types of evaluation systems, all with their pros and cons. School Board members, superintendents, principals and assistant principals have come and gone. 

When I received my first teaching contract, the current high school was in its final months of construction. Beginning with room 321 in the fall of 1981, I’ve had the opportunity to teach in five different classrooms, each with its own personality. Because the classes I taught were required for graduation, two of my brothers and my son ended up as my students. Add the sons and daughters of friends, neighbors and acquaintances who were enrolled in my classes and the result is a very large pool of people who had “Ms. D-K” as one of their teachers. What am I going to miss in my retirement? I’m going to miss the students. I learned a lot about life from them, and I hope they learned something about history and government from me. I’m going to miss my co-workers. When I had problems they were there to listen and give suggestions. I sincerely hope I was able to do the same for them. I’m going to miss the custodians, the secretaries, the women in the lunchroom, the bus drivers and the maintenance workers — these people are the ones who truly run the school district. Without them, teaching and learning would not happen in the classroom. What am I looking forward to in my retirement? I see retirement as a new adventure.  A new personal “history” to be made. It will be interesting to see what type of adventure and personal “history” the next 33 years will bring.

Liane Davis-Kling


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