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Letters to the editor: Why is Craig the sad step-child for YVEA?

Dear editor,

In 1970, YVEA was a viable, well-respected business in the Craig community. It was looked up to as a desirable place to work offering a livable wage, good benefits and working conditions. A growing economy enabled YVEA to expand and build an esthetically pleasing building on the edge of town, facilitating easy access to employees and consumers to the business.

Somewhere along the past several years, the Craig District of YVEA became the “ugly stepchild,” taking a backseat to the Steamboat district. The position of District Manager of Craig was eliminated in favor of having those duties handled out of Steamboat. Soon to follow was other management positions.

This should have been a red flag of the fate of Craig’s District. Never could we have imagined that the office would be closed to consumers on the pretense of “employee safety.” The alternative offered was the office in the bank building, which was hidden away in a corner of the second floor, allowing any threatening individual to go up the stairs or elevator without even being observed by anyone.

My experience in going up to that office was inconvenient. While trying to turn in paperwork for discontinuing a business service, I arrived 10 minutes before posted closing time to find it was already closed and along with two other consumers stood standing in disbelief. I have been made aware that by the time someone turns in paperwork for changes in service, the “travel time” to facilitate the action might be 3-5 days, and no one to discuss it with. Oh yes, you can print out the forms on your computer, if you have a computer or access to one. A face-to-face conversation with a person goes a long way in improving customer relations.

It is interesting to note that the female employees of the Craig office have all been “let go,” one being a 19-plus year knowledgeable employee, (maybe too high salary?) in favor of hiring newer employees. If you have electric service in your name, are you aware that you are a co-owner of this business? It is your company. It behooves you to contact board members and attend meetings to express your ideas and desires concerning your company. Do you read the inserts placed in your bills that supposedly give you a heads-up on decisions being made?

I am sorry that Moffat County residents haven’t stepped up to the plate and asked pointed questions and voiced strong opposition to the direction that the board of directors and management took in devaluing Moffat County’s involvement in YVEA Co-op. I attended the annual board meeting, held at the new location in Steamboat, and saw very few Moffat County residents there. It was my understanding that a committee of the board members are to review what needs to be done to the current Craig facility and its future. Let them hear from you before it is too late.

Ruth Greenwood


MRH staff gives Craig patient A+ care

Dear editor,

I have used the MRH Clinic for my Primary Care and Convenient Care if needed for the past few years, and I have always been treated so well.

The staff is not only knowledgeable but also very kind and compassionate. Neilene is my primary care person, and she even said why didn’t you get ahold of me, she was on vacation, so even when on vacations, the staff is a phone call away. That is excellent customer service; I told her I wouldn’t bother her on vacation — her reply with a smile was, “Please do, you are my patient and I care about you.”

Recently I had to have surgery for a double mastectomy, and I found that the same knowledge, kindness and compassion reaches throughout the entire facility. I could not be more thankful to have the healthcare professionals that we do at MRH. Two weeks and one day after seeing Maggie in the clinic, I was in for surgery. They moved quickly and eased my mind by doing so, I was talked to in words I could understand, my care was personal to me and I appreciate that.

Every department we came into contact with from check in to the clinical staff taking me out to my car and everyone in between were outstanding. I want you all to know you are all wonderful, kind, caring and professional people, and I wish I could have everything I am going to need to have done with my cancer treatment done here at MRH because I genuinely trust my providers here and all the staff that backs them up.

I have told everyone I have seen or talked to on the phone what wonderful care and attention I received at MRH and that Craig is lucky to have the staff at the hospital and clinic that they do. Please know your kindness, compassion and caring attitudes are what have kept me coming to your facility and will keep me coming back. You are all wonderful and “Thank You” is not nearly enough, but it is all I have and is from my heart.


Margie Drake



Kights of Columbus raffle nets scholarship, other winners

Dear editor,The Knights of Columbus would like to thank all who participated in the Scholarship Raffle. We are proud to present Melissa Bade with a $1,000 scholarship. The other winners of the June 22 drawing are as follows:

  • First Place – Laura Gavin: Half a beef purchased from Brother’s Processing
  • Second place – Greg Knez: Whole pig purchased from Brother’s Processing
  • Third place – Cat Eye: A chest freezer donated by fellow Knight, Chris Miller of Miller Appliances

Our special thanks to City Market, MJK and Murdock’s for allowing us to sell tickets at their stores.
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to our donors.

Tony Balleck

Knights of Columbus Council 4131