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Letters to the editor: What is up with Craig Code Enforcement?

Dear editor,

Why is it that the Code Enforcement in Craig can look the other way when we have these types of violations within our city limits? They enforce the law on some people but not on others. Maybe our elected officials need to live next door to some of these places before change will happen. Many of these violations have been ignored for years.

Examples are old campers and trailers that have sat for years. Many abandoned and some with apparent damage to the outside. Junk vehicles, some loaded with trash and junk. Many with no current registrations. Look behind homes on Heather Street, off Barclay, and on Legion Street. Cars with junk piled behind them so that the plates cannot be read. One person on Heather Street was told to let the weeds grow along his fence line so he could not see the junk and trash behind his house.

In many of these cases, trash left to rot in the backyard attracts may pests like skunks, mice and bugs like mosquitoes. This, therefore, is not just an ugly site to look at but can be a fire and health hazard as well.

Empty homes and lots are owned by someone. Some have not been cleaned up for years. Banks, realtors, and others are responsible for these properties. Just because some of these violations cannot be seen from the street, they are still hazards. A disabled vehicle sits on Legion Street with a flat tire. It has been there for over a month. 7th and Legion and 720 Legion both have violations that go unchanged. I recently hired someone to clean up my own yard because I have been having health issues and could not do it myself.

Attempts to hide these issues do not change the fact that they exist in this community. I have never smoked, yet have recently been diagnosed with breathing problems. In some cases this could be grounds for legal action against these property owners and the City of Craig. Junk and trash should not be left to rot on your property no matter if it can be seen from the street or not. Growing weeds along your fence line does not correct the problem.

Lawrence L. Sober


Have Democrats lost touch with reality?

Dear editor,

The late, C. S. Lewis once wrote that, “he didn’t know why sex was in the closet, until it fell out.” I have always felt he summed up the subject quite well.

Of course, he was living in a time when people could still have an opinion, without fear of being fired, castigated, demoted or otherwise strangled by political correctness. The fact that people are so afraid to speak out in this day and age illustrates all too clearly our decline as free people.

The Roman Empire lasted about 1,500 years, but came to an inglorious end when Emperors of Rome decided they could use young boys as their personal sex toys. After they had their way with them, they would throw them over a cliff into the ocean. Could we be watching a similar demise of our culture?

The reason the Democrats lost the last presidential election was not because Trump was the ideal candidate. People came to the realization that this country had drifted so far to the Progressive Left, that if a course correction was not made, our country would be going over a cliff. They also recognized that this is no accident – it is by design.

The Democrats have lost touch with the people of this country. They have slowly evolved our government into a Humanistic, Atheistic, Globalist culture that has little regard for who we are as a people.

They mock every American tradition, including the Constitution, the Pledge of Allegiance, and Ten Commandments, and will not even stand for the Star-Spangled Banner.

This highly sexualized agenda is being used to facilitate the submission and silence of American people. This agenda is being orchestrated by such a small minority, that we should be embarrassed that we would give up this country so easily.

I am no gun-toting, crazy redneck. I do happen to believe that sex was one of God’s better ideas. But, I also believe in the spirit and rule of law, it must take precedence over the flesh, and it must take precedence over the insurrection that is occurring in our institutions of learning.

Young people are lost and in debt. They will have to relearn that, “Liberty does not mean license.”

Gene Adamek