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Letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor

Recognition and Thank You To the Craig Fire Department/EMS’s

I just wanted to send out a “Thank You and Appreciation Letter” to recognize the quick response and corrective action that was initiated on the 25th (Saturday) of September.

I drove past the Craig Fire Rescue Training Tower Facility located on Industrial Drive and noticed that the U.S. Flag was basically hanging by its last grommet and needed attention.

At 12:50 I called and left a message with who I thought would be responsible for the care and maintenance of the facility. Literally five minutes later I received a return phone call questioning my concerns with the U.S. Flag. I explained the situation of the Flag and was informed that “It” would be looked at and taken care of.

Approximately two hours later I received a message that the U.S. Flag was replaced and a new one is being displayed correctly. (Excellent Response).

I drove past the Training Tower Facility later that afternoon and the was happy to see the U.S. Flag was “Looking Good.”

As an Army Combat Veteran I cannot Thank You Enough for the fast response you All took to correct this situation. Thanks Again.

The Health Services District is the right solution to sustain EMS

We have a lot of people who have lived in Moffat County for decades and some their entire lives. I am one of the rare new people.

I moved to Craig last February to join the EMT and Paramedic team here. I can tell you it’s been a dream come true. I love it here. Not only do I love the scenery, the people, and the community, I love my job. Each day I get to wake up and be a part of a team whose only mission is to help people.

Being an EMT has made me appreciate the value of time. When someone calls 911 in need of EMS, they expect a quick response from an ambulance. This is especially true for people who live and adventure in rural and remote parts of the County. Time is of essence during an emergency, where minutes can feel like hours when someone is sick or injured.

If you’ve not experienced it, there is nothing like showing up to an emergency and instantly instilling a sense of relief for the people we are helping. Our EMS services and EMTs have helped the lives of thousands of Moffat County residents and visitors by providing urgent care at the scene of an accident, transporting them to the appropriate hospital, or calling in a Flight-for-Life. Not every one of these is a life we’ve saved, but in the end, we pull up our sleeves and compassionately do what needs to be done.

Of course, any one of us could end up in a similar situation. I know we all would expect a timely and professional EMS response. This is important to consider if our EMS services get reduced. Would we reduce the number of emergency calls we can respond to, cut back on the amount of medical transports for people who need more advanced care, or would we lower the amount of times we use Flight-for-Life?

As an EMT, these are some of the genuine questions that come to mind for me and are the hard decisions in front of us without a long-term solution. The Moffat County Health Services District is just that: a solution to the current problem where we don’t have to make those excruciating decisions. A health service district will give us the ease of knowing that our safety isn’t in financial jeopardy. Vote YES on 6A and 6B.

In support of Lynne Seely

It is a pleasure to write this letter of support for Lynne Seely, candidate for Moffat County School Board.

Lynne was born and raised in Moffat County. She graduated from Moffat County High School and then pursued her further education in France, St. George, Utah, and then eventually obtained her degree from BYU, majoring in Humanities.

Lynne’s greatest love is family. The Seelys are pioneers in the Yampa Valley, hardworking ranchers, business owners and community leaders. It was inevitable Lynne would come home to Moffat County to raise her family, teaching her daughters the same values and principles she learned from her parents and grandparents.

Lynne has worked in the law enforcement field over 25 years and she has gained a great deal of experience in service to this community, participating in the Moffat County 4-H program, Republican Central Committee, Rotary Club and her Church.

As a member of our school board, Lynne will foster good relationships with faculty and staff, while advocating for our students. Lynne has no bias towards the school district. She will make decisions based on the overall good of the district and taxpayers. She is well respected by her peers; she is friendly and approachable. She will listen to our concerns and she will address the issues facing our youth.

I hope you’ll join me and cast a vote for Lynne Seely, as a member of our Moffat County School Board.

In support of Lynne Seely

Every year we say this is the most important election of the year. I believe our elections are always important. I believe each and ever year our election cycle, whether it’s the presidential election year or the mid-term election year is becoming more important. During the off years of the election cycle it may seem not as important. However, I would disagree with this statement.

This years local election is very important. There are many issues facing our local community. There are people on the ballot running for local elections that are wanting to make a difference. One of those people running for the Moffat County School Board is Lynne Seely.

I’ve known Lynne for many years now. She’s a Colorado native and life long resident of Moffat County. She has raised her family here, seeing how the schools operate first hand. I believe she has the skills necessary to lead our schools and children’s future in the direction we are so desperately needing. She’s excellent at listening and thoroughly understanding issues that come up. She’s not afraid to seek the answers our community needs to better protect and educate our children.

Lynne will always listen and come up with the best strategies that our school district needs. She’s an excellent leader. She’s also thoughtful, caring and understanding and I hope you will join me and vote for Lynne Seely for the Moffat County School Board.

In support of the school bond

Everyone has different perspectives and priorities.

However, if you have a student who travels to other schools for sports, academics, FFA or music events, then you have seen the difference in the updated quality and safety other schools in our area have.

I know everyone hates taxes, it’s easy to say no and let our schools barely get buy, but this is a chance to do some badly needed repairs to our schools and facilities and at the same time at least receive added money to boot.

My perspective: We’ve owned a store in Craig for 50 years, and for 20 of those years, online retailers reaped the benefit of collecting little to no sales tax or paying property taxes in our community. They have paid nothing to help our streets, students, schools, hospitals, or sponsor events and teams. Yet they get the benefit of having a 24-hour retail store on the busiest corner in Craig. Local businesses and residents have to foot the bill. Its a sore subject to me but something we really can’t do anything about. Thankfully a lot of people understand and still support local businesses.

Our high school track, football field and almost every other facility needs repaired. It is making learning, training and competing safely almost impossible. It is and will continue to cause injuries. If we don’t help now, it probably can’t happen for a while, and the extra funds are a bonus. It might not be in time to help our older kids, but will help the next 20 years of students who call Moffat County home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the results of our local hard-earned money doing good things in our own community?


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