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Letters to editor

Letters to the Editor

Boebert’s legislation speaks for itself

At the end of a summer filled with wildfires, smoke, flash floods through burn scars, mudslides, road issues, and drought, there is hope for those of us on the Western Slope. We elected a representative who sees these issues accurately and is advocating for us. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert endures because her heart is with the Western Slope. To see this passion for her constituents, look no further than her legislation.

Take, for example, her forest management bill. Many years ago, when we had little scientific understanding of forest management, The Forest Service made fire suppression their ultimate goal. Back then, forest fires were a natural occurrence that stayed low to the ground, were low-heat, and cleaned the forest floor.

Government intervention, ever well-intentioned, stopped this normal process. Allowing no burns caused the fuel load in our forests to build, so logging became critical. But then the government intervened again and made it difficult to log on federal land.

Dead brush began harboring insects and disease, and our forests became weak and more susceptible to natural attacks. Now, in many parts of Colorado, we have forests that are more dead than alive, with beetle kill being their most noticeable feature. Instead of regenerative, low heat forest fires, our fires rage indiscreetly, destroying everything in their path. As a result, at best, Coloradans endure low air quality in the summer. Worse, some lose their homes, while firefighters even put themselves at personal risk to assist with the blaze.

Congresswoman Boebert tours our district regularly, and studies all of this. Because she focuses on local issues, she has introduced comprehensive legislation to allow science-based management in our federal forests again, at zero taxpayer expense. Who else in Congress understands or is fighting for this? Even in our own state, politicians often fail to understand the complexity of this issue, and give quick, party-line answers. They tell you to take “climate action” to fix forest fires. Many politicians claim to care for the environment while ignoring the needs of our dying trees. No matter your beliefs on climate change, buying an electric vehicle will not fix the problem of fuel-overload in our Colorado forests. It requires specific intervention and management now, as outlined in Boebert’s bill.

I could list several issues like this where Boebert has given voters like me a voice. And I do need to list them, because reporting on her specific policy and legislation accomplishments is hard to find. I value that American journalists exist, in theory, to keep our politicians in check, but wonder if they believe in keeping us informed in an unbiased manner. The bias goes unseen when it is an issue of underreporting on the good things a politician does. Voters in CD3 must now take an active role in researching, instead of going to the local papers to hear about Boebert’s work.

The time has come for us to inform ourselves. If you would like an unfiltered look at what Boebert has been doing for you, you can look directly at her legislation. Read The Western Water Security Act, or the Secure the Southern Border Act. Dig, and find things like her opposition to tree spikers leading the BLM, or watch her passionate speeches for her district on the House floor. In doing so, you will form a more complete picture of, not only the woman we sent to Congress, but your local community issues as well.

Thank you for supporting the Rubber Ducky Race for Hospice

We want to express our gratitude to the many individuals and businesses that made our seventh annual Craig Rubber Ducky Race on August 7 a huge success. A special thanks to the Moffat County Hot Air Balloon Committee for allowing us to join in on the fun and host our Rubber Ducky Race among all the other wonderful family-friendly happenings. It was great to have spectators at the race again, and we truly enjoyed the delighted faces on the many children who came to watch and cheer on the ducks as they bobbed their way to the finish line.

The support from the community was overwhelming and we are thankful for everyone who purchased tickets, sponsored the race, and volunteered their time and talents. We feel honored to have the support of Moffat County and the privilege of providing care for everyone in need. Thanks to the many people who contributed to the Rubber Ducky Race, we are able to provide the staff and resources to make certain that the Hospice program can continue to provide compassionate, end-of-life care and ensure that terminally-ill individuals in our community are able to die with dignity. Thank you Moffat County residents for being our partner in creating a healthy community.

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