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LETTERS TO EDITOR: Upcoming fishing tournament is ‘ridiculous’

Dear editor,

Once again the CPW (Counter Productive towards Wildlife) is going to hold another ridiculous and unwanted “tournament” at Elkhead Reservoir.

Just last year they spent 1.2 million of our hard-to-come by tax dollars to install a net on the dam. This net was installed to keep the fish in the reservoir so the useless CPW did not need to kill anymore of the few Bass and Pike we have left.

But now, they are going to kill more of them. This proves to me that this Squawfish scam is just that, a huge scam to waste your tax dollars, and keep and create unwanted government jobs.

The only way we have of fighting back at this stupidity is to somehow stop those people that wish to kill our fish from reaching Elkhead. To do this Moffat County needs to close the county road to Elkhead to all but local traffic. And post a Sheriff’s deputy at each end of the closure to enforce it to all out of town traffic.

I urge all fisherman to call the County Commissioners and tell them to close this road to all but local traffic for the duration of this ridiculous “tournament.”

This is our only chance to save the fish we now have, call your County Commissioners today.

Allen Hischke,



Medicaid needs help

Dear editor,

We need to save Medicaid now. Medicaid is the only way that people who have chronic disabling conditions and no employer funded insurance can pay for health care. In fact, more than 6,000 Coloradans who have disabilities but are employed contribute to the cost of their Medicaid through the Medicaid buy-in program.

Medicaid helps extremely low-income seniors pay their Medicare premiums. Medicaid provides health care for many children whose parents, even though they might be working, cannot afford health insurance.

Do we really want to deny health care to people with disabilities, low income seniors, and children?

How much money are we really saving if the cost of health care for these folks is left up to churches, philanthropic organizations, and the donations from the public? Are you ready to see more television commercials showing sick and starving people: not inside some third world country but in the streets and schools of Craig?

Saving money makes sense, but taking away federal dollars from Medicaid does not. Taking away Medicaid saves nothing.

I am writing as a lifelong Republican to urge my fellow Yampa Valley neighbors, and Senator Gardner, to support any legislation that allows for Medicaid health care to remain available to the most vulnerable segment of our population, those who cannot get health care in any other way.

Senator Gardner contact information:

Email: http://www.gardner.senate.gov

Office Phone: (202) 224-5941

Fax: (202) 224-6524

Evelyn Tileston



Whittle bands deserved more support

Dear editor,

Once again Whittle The Wood graced us with two days of music. Here’s some advice for future performances.

I want to thank that young, blond-haired woman who got up front at the Jefferson Starship concert in 2015 and pounded on the stage asking for an encore; you, ma’am are a community leader. I hope you’ll keep up the good work. For those of you who continually sit in back in the shade, please understand that musicians are funny, fickle people (I am a musician…), who like to see and hear their audiences at outdoor concerts (especially where one of society’s legally available drugs, alcohol, is served – marijuana becoming many states’ pseudo-legal other drug-of-choice, though it is still illegal under Federal Law).

They like to have the audience close to the stage, active and involved, not several hundred feet away acting like they’re sitting in their back yards listening to the radio. The better the audience is, the more enthusiastic, the more involved they are, the better the musicians play and sing. Thus, everyone has a better time.

When Cathy Richardson, vocalist for Jefferson Airplane, wanted us to “make some noise” most of you just sat in the back, QUIETLY. If you want to have a better concert, if you want to have more fun, then get out of the shade at the back, get away from the vendors’ tables in the back and get up front, near the stage, where the action is. Wear a thin long-sleeved shirt and pants. Wear a big floppy hat. Put on a lot of sunscreen. Wear earplugs (I do, Etymotics), if it’s too loud for you. Bring a couple bottles of water (drinking alcohol can actually help dehydrate one and help cause sun-stroke – leave your pot at home; those of  us who are sensible don’t want to breathe your secondary smoke). But, get your assets up front and when any band-member says “make some noise,” make some noise. We’ll all have a lot more fun.

Paul Kantner of Jefferson Starship died not too long after performing in Craig. Just think how much more fun he’d have had at Whittle The Wood 2015 – one of his last public performances ever – if every one had come up front and had made more noise!

Stomp, yell. Raise some [heck–no riots, please]. But, make some noise, up front.

John Lawton,


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