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Letter: Where is the justice?

To the editor:

As a member of this community, it’s come to my attention that I live in a community without protection and support from out legal system.

My daughter was beaten and abused on July 5th by the father of her child. This happened in front of two small children and caused a major disruption in the apartment complex.

Upon calling the police, they responded and arrested the abuser. The ultimate penalty for this action was a mere ten days in jail, a restraining order was assured as well as a protection order for my eleven month old grandson.

In the protection order the child was to be protected and parenting time to be set up through a third party.

When the abuser was released from jail it was agreed upon he could see the child at a public place, which was Village Inn, in my presence.

The abuser showed up and grabbed the child and ran to a waiting truck parked by the entrance.

In other words this was a planned abduction.

As I ran to stop this abduction a good citizen followed this vehicle and the police were called.

The child was not in a car seat as this vehicle speed through the parking lot. The vehicle was followed to a local motel in town where the police were able to meet up with them.

When the police were shown the protection order they refused to take the child from the abuser with the excuse they could not enforce the protection order due to the vague language.

So they allowed this child to stay in the presence of the people who put his life at risk, they refused to call social services on call to check on the investigation report they had taken after the arrest of the abuser.

They feel that taking the child without a car seat was not important, they feel that since he made it in one piece he was not at risk and they feel that his abduction was within the right of the father.

I was instructed to see the district attorney the next morning. Upon seeing the DA, I went to back to the police department to get a copy of the police report.

Well guess what, no report was written. The officer did not feel this incident was important enough to write a report.

So who is at risk here? How does the abduction of a child not constitute a police report? Where is the justice?

As a concerned citizen, a mother and a grandmother, I feel the system failed us all, and I hope and pray that we all step up and stand up for what’s right, and stop the failures of the legal system by making our voices heard.

Colleen Brown

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