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Letter: We need strong track records, not charisma in Colorado House District 26

Voters need to look to track records, not charisma, to choose the best advocate for Northwest Colorado.

At the time of deciding to run, only one of our House District 26 candidates was living in Northwest Colorado. The other constantly talks about growing up in Steamboat, but fails to mention that she was not a resident for many years before running. In fact, the last time she was elected as the Boulder County Democratic Vice Chair — again — was just a few months before redistricting was completed. Then, she moved back to Steamboat and announced her candidacy as a Steamboat local.

That’s right. Meghan Lukens hasn’t lived here in almost a decade; she was in Boulder until the seat opened up with no incumbent. Her mom got up first at a redistricting meeting and begged the commission not to put us in with Moffat County. She said they have no commonality with Moffat. Let’s remember that. Given that Meghan was still in her Emerge candidate training at the time, one must wonder if they felt that including Moffat would hurt Meghan’s chance of winning the seat.

It will. Moffat County voters will reject a Boulder Democrat. We know these are the very people who gave us wolves and are shutting down our energy work. We know they want our water. And we don’t want Boulder to represent us. Meghan Lukens is a nice young lady who is against the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, and calls AOC “captivating.” She is pro-wolf, held an anti-firearm rally on the Steamboat courthouse lawn and constantly talks about the transition off of fossil fuels to solar and wind. She wants the upcoming increase in state gas taxes to be delayed, but not repealed. She cannot represent us.

This seat is a swing seat in a new district, with no incumbent. It very much depends on voter turnout. We are not used to that in Moffat County, and so we have a low turnout. But we need Savannah Wolfson in that seat, and we will turn in our ballots for her and vote against the Biden and Boulder agenda.

If you drive through South Routt right now, you will see that Wolfson signs are on the fences all down Colorado Highway 131. That’s because her home community knows she advocated for the Northwest Colorado lifestyle before running for the seat. It’s not a politically convenient position to get votes. It’s why she decided to run. She spent time on local ranches, was vocally against wolves and the PAUSE Act, brought awareness to Ellen Kessler, attended her South Routt Meat In, and stood up for every local industry in her redistricting comments.

We can rest assured that Wolfson’s positions were consistent before and after running. She is both our friend and our advocate. Moffat County, please join me in voting for Northwest Colorado, not Boulder, in November. Vote for Savannah Wolfson for State House District 26.

Stephanie Ahlstrom


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