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Letter: Vote pro-life and pro-freedom this November

In less than 30 days, we will make choices that will affect whether we want to be a free nation or fade into the annals of history on a list of nations who crumbled. 

As I see it, life and freedom are the primary focus of this 2022 midterm election. Everyone who intends to vote on Nov. 8 should determine for themselves a true definition of life and freedom. For those who don’t intend to vote, I would strongly urge you to reconsider because it does affect you. 

I am pro-life and pro-freedom. I am pro-God, pro-gun, pro-Constitution and pro-America. I am also pro-unity, recognizing challenges on all fronts, I believe every division could be mended through honesty and basic consideration of each other.  

We are fellow travelers on this journey called life. We all got here the same way. None are better than the other, therefore we have something in common. 

I will vote for Lauren Boebert as our representative in the U.S. House. She understands that she represents us and has earned the right to represent us again. Lauren understands that God and family are the firm foundation for a successful civil society. She understands that truth, righteousness and justice are the foundation and the tools for navigating the shark-infested waters of political power and control. 

I will vote for Savannah Wolfson for District 26 representative in the Colorado House because she fully understands that decisions she makes will affect us all. She is willing to take on the weight of that responsibility for her family and for ours. 

Savannah understands that running for elected office is a sacrifice toward a future of liberty and justice for all. She understands that principles are strong building blocks very much like building your house on a solid rock as opposed to shifting sands, which seems fine until the hurricane blows in. 

I will vote for Matt Solomon for District 8 representative to the Colorado Senate. Matt believes in individual liberty, which suggests that while he is protecting his, he is also protecting mine. Matt has written checks and balanced checkbooks, which suggests that he understands that money does not grow on trees. 

Government generates no money on its own. It takes from those who do know how to generate it. Common sense requires the government to exercise more restraints in methods to distribute that which they haven’t created or generated. 

It is time to get reacquainted with the Constitution of the United State, the Constitution of the state of Colorado and the Holy Bible because our future and the future of our country depends on it. 

Carolyn Culverwell 


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