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Letter: TMH actions upset area family

To the editor:

Yesterday, our household received a letter from Jennifer Riley (Chief of Organizational Excellence at the Memorial Hospital) informing us that Dr. Phillips was leaving the community and that August 18th would be his last day.

This letter was dated August 14th and postmarked August 16th (Dr. Phillips actual last day at TMH Medical Clinic).

Thank You, Ms. Riley, for FINALLY giving his patients notification of his departure.

The letter went to state “it would be advisable to make an appointment with a new provider so your new provider can contact Dr. Phillips prior to his departure in August.”

Really!?!? He left town the day that many if not all of his patients received this letter.

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It might have been a little more helpful and considerate to Dr Phillips and his patients had this letter been mailed in June, when The TMH Medical Clinic front desk staff was instructed by administration to cancel all of Dr. Phillips’ appointments.

Thank you again, Chief of Organizational Excellence for the notification of Dr. Phillips departure, information on how to obtain our medical records and the list of providers in your clinic (that fails to include Dr. Keating and Dr. Pense who are still contracted Medical Staff).

We must say that your timeliness of this letter is anything but excellent and you should be ashamed of yourself for violating the rights of patients by denying them access to the healthcare provider of their choice for the past 2 1/2 months.

The Mosman Household