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Letter: Think before you smoke

To the editor:

This is to the cigarette smoker assumed to have caused the Sand Creek fire:

What were you thinking? Can’t you read? Didn’t you see how dry it is?

How inconsiderate you were when you tossed that cigarette out of your car

window and started the Sand Creek fire on June 19.

Don’t you have an ash try? If not, buy one. Or, don’t smoke in your car if you do not

know how to properly dispose of it. All of us homeowners were put in a very scary situation.

We could have lost our homes and all of our possessions, animals, etc.

Now to the most amazing job done by our very efficient and well trained

hands of our fire persons.

A simple thank you doesn’t seem to be enough, but we do thank you.

Our prayers were answered by all of you fire persons from the helicopter pilots to the wonderful little lake of the Gerber family; the sheriff’s deputies who came personally and knocked on each and every door with the evacuation notice; the blade hands for the fire breaks; the Red Cross volunteer who called us to let us know we could return to our homes; our good friends who simply said “Yes, come”; and to all those who prayed for those of us who evacuated and for all volunteers.

There were no injuries or homes lost.

Thank you.

Dwayne and Donna Lougee

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