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Letter: The truth about wolves is they are wild animals

As we have learned well in the past few years, “conspiracy theories” used to take a year or two to become fact. Lately, the time frame has been about a few weeks to a few months, but now the time frame is getting shorter, and the score for the conspiracy theorists is close to blowout level against the fact checkers over at FB and the MSM.

The Craig Press may have exposed one of the quickest turnarounds — two days — from a Wednesday spin to a Friday fact of life, all in the same week. The Writers on the Range opinion commentary on Wednesday, “Let’s tell the truth about the big, bad wolves,” suggested any occurrence of a problem for a rancher is rare, and all they have to do is spend some more time and money properly looking after their stock.

That is time and money the auction barn is not going to take into account come the sale of the stock, but hey, that is not the problem of those who pushed for this and voted for something that would affect someone else. It will not bother any city dweller that extra labor, time and money spent by the rancher, creating a smaller return on their investment, happens at all.

The time for them will be only if the wolves start poaching little fido off the back porch — kind of like some cougars, coyotes and foxes are doing now.

Move to Friday’s paper, forced to follow all the rules, a rancher in North Park is down one dog and another one from nearby had to be put down. As the conspiracy theorists predicted, these darn wolves just don’t follow the rules. This is simply the beginning. At some point in time, the bunny huggers are going to have to understand, a wild animal does not give a damn about what they want them to do. 

But they are still trying to keep the spin alive about the sage grouse problem, so I find it unlikely that it will ever dawn on them that wishing and wanting and actual results don’t necessarily work out.

John Williams


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