Letter: The power of local politics calls us to send Savannah Wolfson to state House

We all can get caught up in the whirlwind of tribalist national politics, from the viral sound bites to hot-button topics we hop from each news cycle. However, we must remember that local politics affect your life much more than the national ones. Colorado’s new redistricting has provided a special opportunity for swing districts, including newly formed House District 26, to send a true representative of the people to the state legislature. Savannah Wolfson understands and appreciates the rich diversity of northwest Colorado in our industries and landscapes, while being able to unite us and fight for us in the state house.

Our district is a special place; it’s home to agriculture, energy, resort tourism and some of the most beautiful scenery in the state. It is also home to a diverse people, but may we all be united around the need for affordability, safety and maintaining our rural way of life. As a mom, military spouse and hobby farmer, Savannah knows the importance of this.

Everyday Americans are feeling the heavy weight of record-high inflation. You feel it in the costs of gas, groceries and housing. You see it reflected in your investments. It’s a concern for anyone wanting to afford to stay in this state. Savannah will fight to honor our personal finances for affordability and ensure accountability with the state budget.

She will also fight for safety. Colorado is the number one state for auto theft, has the third-highest property crime rate nationally, and has experienced an overall increase in violent crime. The lax attitude toward crime in state policies have caused these devastating statistics. Personal recognizance bonds allow abusers to walk free. The decriminalization of fentanyl is poisoning families and communities. We all want and deserve to feel safe in our home state. Savannah will be part of leadership that cracks down on crime to ensure safety for all Colorado citizens.

Affordability and safety rightfully matter to us all and should be upheld by our leadership. And our corner of the state is unique in the need to preserve and support our rural way of life. Our interests, such as water, need protection and advocacy among a Front Range-filled state house. All who live in Northwest Colorado are proud to call it home, and we need to be equally proud of who we choose to represent us. Savannah Wolfson for House District 26 is that candidate.

Lauren Hilley


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