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Letter: Thanks to the Moe’s for Romney’s visit

To the editor:

Wow. Mitt Romney, here in Moffat County, Craig, Colo.

Wow. His meeting with the local business people, mining industry folks, Moffat County and Craig elected officials and listening to what they had to say.

His making a public appearance and speaking to the gathered masses of folks from all over Moffat County and surrounding towns.

People who wanted (and waited) to see him and possibly meet him.

His shaking hands and speaking with individuals who were in the crowd.

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And why? Because a local couple had the inspiration and ingenuity and forethought to invite him to Moffat County.

How sad that Moffat County lost out on getting a real mover and shaker in office when Frank Moe lost his bid for county commissioner.

Thank you, Frank and Kerry Moe, for bringing Moffat County's, and specifically Craig's, plight to the forefront of the political arena.

Lois Stoffle