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Letter: Thanks to the Kinder Family Clinic

To the editor:

This comment is to set the story straight.

On May 16, I walked into the old The Memorial Hospital in Craig, handed the receptionist my insurance card and requested to see a doctor as I was having severe chest pains.

Her response was she did not have any doctors who could see me at the time. I told her that if I collapsed in the street she should call an ambulance. I then left and walked to Kinder Family Clinic, where the receptionist asked if I was alright. I told her I was having chest pains.

She then called one of the nurses in the back and told her to watch the front because she was taking me to the hospital in her personal vehicle.

The nurse came out and assisted me to the driveway, where I became faint and had to stop. The nurse told me to wait and the car would pull up to the curb.

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She helped me into the car and the receptionist drove me to the emergency room and walked me in the door to that receptionist.

If nothing else, I would like to thank the medical staff at Kinder Family Clinic. I will forever be in their debt. They are the ones who deserve the credit.

Because of their actions and that of the new TMH and St. Mary’s, I am still here and working today.

Rex Polen

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