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Letter: Thank you to Yampa Valley Medical Center

To the editor:

When you are in pain and have a medical emergency, it is assuring to know there is a hospital that will help in the Yampa Valley.

Our son had an abscessed tooth and when he went to the emergency room at The Memorial Hospital over the weekend, he was told they couldn’t help him and he would have to go to a larger city to find an emergency room with a dentist on call.

We took him to the Yampa Valley Medical Center, where they helped him with pain management and got him stabilized. They contacted an oral surgeon and set up an appointment to have the tooth removed on Monday.

It was such a relief to get help.

It is only a 50 minute drive to Steamboat Springs from Craig to attain great care.

Thank you, Yampa Valley Medical Center.

Robert Cloer

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