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Letter: Tea Party is not racially motivated

To the editor:

I would like to thank you for the great article on the local tea party here in Craig.

As a member of our local group since the beginning, I’ve found it interesting to watch the knee-jerk reaction by some people in our country, especially the politically correct.

Members of the government, from Barack Obama to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, to Hollywood know-it-alls, major media outlets and news channels, to college and university campuses all without exception have called the tea party movement vile names and labeled it as “dangerous,” “racially motivated,” and wanting to overthrow the government.

None of that is true, and there is a $100,000 reward still unclaimed for anyone with proof of any racial overtones at any tea party rally anywhere.

Now let’s talk about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The president, Pelosi, Reid, Hollywood, news outlets, colleges, unions, the presidents of Iran, Russia, China, and Communist and Socialist parties around the world have all praised and promoted OWS.

What does the OWS movement stand for? Visit the website. The movement wants free everything: housing, schooling, forgiveness of school loans, health care, a four-day work week, forced union membership, and on and on it goes to total complete socialism/communism.

How does OWS plan to accomplish its goals? With complete and total chaos and anarchy in the streets, with destruction of property, both public and private. Protesters have been urinating and defecating on and in everything, including churches, some of which are national historic buildings.

Pelosi calls this type of behavior youthful indiscretions. I call them heathenism.

OWS also wants to destroy Wall Street and free market capitalism. (Where is your 401K and retirement plan?).

To date, OWS has caused $28 million in damages nationwide that we the taxpayers get to pay. How much damage has the tea party caused? Zero.

Most people believe the OWS movement is over, but it is just getting started.

OWS is calling for a summer of fire, and is being funded to the tune of millions and millions by unions, especially the teacher’s union, AFL-CIO, and SEIU, just to name a few.

Also, billionaire George Soros (Hillary Clinton’s BFF) is giving millions. Unions are paying people to participate in local movements and colleges and universities are offering “classes” on how to organize OWS movements.

OWS wants a revolution, and not the honorable, good and righteous George Washington revolution fought by people for a just cause against unrighteous control, but the evil French, German Nazi, Bolshevik, chairman Mao kind of revolution.

Interestingly, Joseph Stalin called his OWS people “useful idiots.” They served his purpose and then he killed them.

Study your history and wake up, America. Your country is being destroyed on all sides and the choice is very simple: good vs. evil.

Where do you stand?

Lynne Herring

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