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Letter: Solutions to sign problems

To the editor:

This letter is a response to the editorial titled “Signage Solutions’.

I have felt since the use of poles was made illegal, that all boxes on the street corners were a terrible eyesore.

I feel the best solution to this problem is to contact several businesses such as, but certainly not limited to, Safeway, City Market, K Mart, Walmart and Murdoch’s, just to name a few.

Ask them to erect a bulletin board in an area of their parking lot or property. These bulletin boards should be large enough for people to post not only yard sale ads, but for selling other used items.

A trashcan with a lid needs to be firmly attached to each bulletin board for throwing out the old ads. These trashcans will be emptied and a new trash bag installed

by the people that water the plants all around town.

I believe that this is a good idea for the businesses, because when people stop by to read the ads they will have a good chance of buying an item while they are at that store. That makes these bulletin boards very inexpensive advertising.

The stores mentioned above all have enough room to install a good size bulletin board on their property. I am certain there are more stores that might be interested in erecting a bulletin board of their own.

It is a good idea for the people, because there will be several localized areas where ads can be placed, everyone will know where these places are, people will have more time to read the ads and be able to read them accurately so they get to the correct address.

This will also make it safer for everyone because people won’t be trying to read the ads while driving passed them in their car. They will now be stopped and out of their car to read them. And the clutter on the corners will not be seen or be blowing all over town, making Craig look like a landfill.

Ads need to be limited to a reasonable size, maybe about letter size, paper or cardboard, 8.5 X 11 inches. Fasteners like nails and screws should not be allowed, staples, thumbtacks and pushpins will work fine. And ads need to be removed at the end of each weekend.

I think this is the perfect solution to this issue, and urge the Craig Daily Press and the City Council to contact businesses to erect bulletin boards and adopt this as the new yard sale sign ordinance.

Allen Hischke

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