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Letter: Softball teams treated unfairly

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in concern of my daughter and all of the other little girls who played their little hearts out in the softball tournament in late June.

I honestly feel that all the girls who played ball for parks and recreation were treated unfairly and like dogs.

They played nine straight hours with no breaks.

How unfair is that when the boys baseball teams had a week-and-a-half to play their tournament?

And why have a tournament when someone decides to pull teams out of a hat instead of placing teams where they belong on a bracket?

First- and second-place teams never should have played each other first, and the second-worst team should not have had the bye.

Our kids, both girls and boys, have participated in parks and recreation leagues for years and if there was another organization to go through, I would because the kids don’t deserve to be treated like dogs.

I believe all kids should be treated equally.

Both age groups, 8 to 11 and 12 to 18, played ball until midnight.

How ridiculous is that?

Us parents don’t keep our kids up that late.

Our kids were exhausted for two days after the tournament.

We, as parents, pay good money to the city for our kids to play and be involved in sports, so maybe they should try and organize and keep things fair so our kids can enjoy the sports that they play.

Natasha Plantiko

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