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Letter: Soccer teams need better attention

To the editor:

These comments are to explain my belief according to my 60 years around the soccer ball.

I am a fan of all ability and experience levels. My comments and beliefs are that we need soccer coaches and an athletic director who can be honest and can do the job in an acceptable way, not just because they will have the job and receive pay.

They need to remember it is OK to make mistakes and not think they are never wrong.

The coaches and director are paid with taxpayer money.

The Moffat County High School athletic director needs to recognize his position and honestly accept what he can handle. He should respect others and treat them how he would like to be treated. It is a privilege to be the athletic director.

My son, F.C. Reina, was in college in Greeley. He went to France and played with the Irish soccer team against Spain. He scored the only goal in the game. The Irish won, 1-0.

Francisco Reina

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