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Letter: Sheriff Arpaio doing his job

To the editor:

I read in the news where the U.S Department of Justice is suing Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona for civil rights violations against Latinos. His only crime — he wants to make sure they are legal.

This would be the same DOJ run by Attorney General Eric Holder and under the control of President Barack Obama. This being the DOJ, with the blessings of Obama, that was responsible for the Fast and Furious gun running scheme.

More than 2,000 guns were intentionally sent to Mexico, and orders were given despite the protests of some lower-ranking agents of the ATF, to make this happen. This would make AG Holder and President Obama accessories to the murder of at least one American border patrol agent and hundreds of Mexican citizens and more than likely many more that cannot be confirmed.

Anyone who condemns Sheriff Arpaio for doing his job, a job the federal government has refused to do, and then simultaneously supports the Obama administration has achieved the height of hypocrisy.

Interestingly, Sheriff Arpaio claims to have credible evidence to prove Obama is a fraud. Coincidence for the suit? I think not, but retaliation is more likely. This is also proof that there is no genuine interest or concern for the Latino community in America other than as a voting block.

Let me add a few more issues from the long list of hypocritical actions by many on the left.

They teach their children they will be judged by the company they keep, but then support a man for president who has a long record of involvement with active socialists, communist sympathizers, race baiters and America haters.

They vilify a man for his wealth when they know where it came from and that he earned a good portion of it but then support a man for president who no one knows for sure where his money came from, a man who has spent millions to hide his past.

They vilify a man for his record as a successful businessman but support a man who has zero experience in business, with a record of supporting business ventures with taxpayer money that have cost taxpayers billions from failures.

But hey, he managed to use taxpayer money to pay back large campaign donors.

They support a man who needs to get the economy going but has filled his administration with people who have less business expertise than practically any administration in history. Contrary to what some might think, it’s business that creates jobs, not government.

They stand on their soap box and proclaim Bill Clinton left a budget surplus during his term but always fail to mention both houses were controlled by the GOP for six years of the Clinton presidency. It kind of makes you wonder who was in control, doesn’t it?

They support an administration whose only method of campaigning is to obscure the facts and attack his opponents with negativity and lies because this administration has absolutely nothing to run on. In fact, they run away from their record.

John Williams

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