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Letter: Savannah Wolfson is unapologetically pro-life

I want to address an attack ad against Savannah Wolfson, candidate for District 26 for the Colorado House of Representatives. 

Savannah is unapologetically pro-life. The ad in question states, “She’s not for us.” She’s is pro-life, so she is for me and mine. 

These attack ads are not concerned with whether what they say is true. They are only concerned with how well they can manipulate the truth to achieve their own ends. What are their ends? It looks like their ends are whatever they want, by any means necessary. 

Even their slogans are a manipulation of the truth whether it be, “my body, my choice,” or “pro-choice.” For example, that child growing inside that female’s body is a result of the first choice that goes without acknowledgement in order to acknowledge only the second choice to destroy it.

Another manipulation of the truth in this un-equation is the one who planted the seed. The female didn’t conceive that child by herself. Pro-choice males agree with that agenda of death to protect their own irresponsible sexual practices. 

I will vote for Savannah Wolfson because I appreciate her vision for a future in America that revolves around faith, family and freedom. Because she values her family and her country and she understands the power of local control of issues that affect us all.  

That includes business, education, health care, arts and entertainment, family and recreation. Everything that affects us requires our involvement in the same way that “many hands make light work.”  I very much appreciate Savannah’s commitment to take on the responsibility to put herself out there on the battlefield of ideas to make a difference.

Carolyn Culverwell 


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