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Letter: Sandhill Crane conservation

To the editor:

Hunters have asked the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife to consider holding a limited hunt for Sandhill Cranes in Northwest Colorado.

Sandhill Cranes have been hunted in Colorado, east of I-25, since 1967, and it’s the position of Parks and Wildlife biologists that a limited season as proposed will not negatively impact this population, which is already hunted in every other state in which it resides.

The total number of available permits is determined annually by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and are distributed to the states where this population is hunted.

Colorado’s share, less than 50 permits, will be distributed to the other states if this hunt is not approved.

This means that the approval of this petition will only result in a redistribution, not an increase, in the number of available permits.

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As a conservationist and a hunter, I am in full support of a regulated Sandhill Crane season here in Northwest Colorado.

I encourage others who also support this hunt to sign our online petition at http://www.change.org/petitions/colorado-parks-and-wildlife-commission-open-a-hunting-season-for-greater-sandhill-cranes-in-northwest-colorado

Troy Phillips