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Letter: Response to previous letters

To the editor:

This is in response to Mr. Albee’s letter to mine.

Thank you for your response, and please see the top of the page that is titled opinion. Yes, some people are influenced by the constant repetition of questionable information provided by a liberal-leaning mainstream news media. Yes, I have a concern that too many people are not putting forth the effort to be properly informed, and it shows in the mess we have today.

There was a mountain of evidence about Barack Obama, his past and his very questionable affiliations that the mainstream news media choose to ignore and still ignore today. Because of this, many did not make an informed decision. All media are capable of distortion at times, and I happen to think the mainstream media is worse. I try to get my information from various sources — it’s amazing how often there is pertinent information left out or the information is presented in such a way to suit the liberal agenda

Fact: President Obama is the most liberal president in the history of our nation, and in my opinion his agenda is not in the best interest of our country or the world. If you are following the campaign, you know the president and Democrats are running from their record of the last 3 ½ years, not on it.

The only mention of his signature legislation, “Obamacare,” is in the news as they try to defend it against lawsuits. People need to follow the facts, actions and agenda rather than the left wing rhetoric.

Fact: Fully 1/3 of our $15 trillion national debt has occurred on the watch of Obama and the Democrat-controlled Senate. This is the same Senate that has completely ignored its responsibility to even attempt to pass an annual required budget, almost 1,100 days and counting, and the same Senate that has refused to even consider a balanced budget amendment.

We have a president and a Senate that have shown zero inclination to slow the spending. In fact, they show just the opposite, and our grandchildren will have to pay for this.

As the party in power, the left is going to get plenty of criticism just as the right did when they were in power and have continued to get for the most of the Obama presidency as it seems he is unable to take any responsibility for the policies of his own administration. Democrats I have spoken to say the party has changed and they don’t like it. The Democratic Party has been hijacked buy the far left.

We have a cancer in this country — too many seem to think they are entitled to what someone else has and expect the government to take care of them. Liberals are great promoters of this entitlement mentality. Please see the Occupy Wall Street loons and Harvard Law School students who think someone else should pay for their birth control.

We are running out of time to get things under control.

John Williams

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