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Letter: Rent hikes are explosive and should be capped

Rent goes up once a year as Cost of Living Allowance permits. Usually, it is about $25-$50 dollars, This year it went up for most big apartments complexes $80-$100. Wow. That’s a big jump.

When is the government going to put a cap on rent? Truth be told, many landlords — not small independents ones — are making a killing. They get government incentives, tax breaks and kickbacks, such as if an apartment is not rented, the landlord can claim a lost every quarter and at end of the year.

They get breaks on utilities, maintenance repairs, property taxes, and more. During the pandemic, many landlords got federal funding. Yes, some apartments lost money, but in reality, many of them claimed a loss and got more money from the government at the end of the year. If they are not making money, then they would not be in the rental business.

In Colorado, there is no cap on rent, and many landlords can raise rent as much as they want unless you have a lease. But the catch is they don’t have to give you a lease, and once a renter goes month to month, the landlord can raise rent as long as they give notice.

Now, I may be wrong, but we are in a recession, and yes, it hurts everyone, but everyone cannot claim a loss and get a kickback. So my whole point is , how much should landlords raise rent? Should there be a cap on rent hikes and should rent be based on an individual’s income due to the population and employment and cost of living in a certain area?

I ask all Coloradans to write, call your state reps, congressman or woman and ask for a bill to cap rent hikes and rent adjustments due to individuals’ income. We all want to live our dreams and we all are Americans, so let’s stand together as Americans and help better America and help build our dreams and work together. God bless America.

Ernie Day


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