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Letter: Obama’s re-election could be doomsday

To the editor:

Nov. 6 could be doomsday for our nation. We absolutely have to replace the dictator in the White House with someone who believes in our constitution.

We have to vote in senators and representatives who will stand up against any such person in the Oval Office and say, “Enough.”

Just look at the damage President Barack Obama has done:

  1. The president’s contempt for the rule of law, our U. S. Constitution, has been on display for months. He refuses to enforce our immigration laws. In fact, he issued secret, executive orders telling immigration officials to let illegal aliens into our country.

On top of that, he is using our tax dollars to sue Arizona for doing what he refuses to do.

He refuses to enforce our Defense of Marriage Act, which was passed by Congress.

Now he says the Supreme Court cannot review his Obamacare Law because it has already been passed by Congress.

What arrogance. Has he never read the Constitution? That is exactly what the three branches of government are for — to keep each other in check. We don’t like dictators.

  1. President Obama is purposely bankrupting our nation with huge government giveaways and nationalization of our private sector to then create a socialist state.

  2. He canceled the White House National Day of Prayer, instead supporting the Islamic celebration of Ramadan.

  3. He urged President Mubarak in Egypt to include the oldest and most evil terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood (which includes Al Qaeda) into the government. This will promote an eventual takeover of the entire Middle East by the radical Neo-Nazi Iranian Islamic Regime.

There are many other reasons to get President Obama out of our White House, but there is not room enough in the space allowed in this letter. Suffice it to say, we know we have an enemy in our White House.

Let’s get him out before he destroys our America. Vote conservative. Urge others to register and vote with you.

Are you mad enough yet? Evil rules when good men do nothing.

Rosemary Potter

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